NaPoWriMo #6 Challenges

Challenges in life are the norm

Challenges come to you in varied forms

The question is not how to avoid it

But rather, are you up to it?


When you avoid challenges, they become the biggest hurdles you face

Meet your challenges head on and they vanish without a trace

Challenges make your goal (temporarily) unattainable

And when you persevere and achieve your goal, the feeling is unbelievable.


A white dot is visible only if surrounded by black

You appreciate what you have, only if you experience lack

Challenges add value to life

Defeat them and emerge victorious in the strife.


NaPoWriMo 2013 #5 Memories

Memories  are what we build over years

Memories are responsible for our laughter and tears

When any experience touches us in a unique way

You can be sure it goes into the ‘memory vault’ to be retrieved on another day.


Your first love, your first kiss….

Anything else that gave you sorrow or bliss

And whats really funny is this

You don’t remember that you remember

Unless it comes flooding back to you when there is a trigger.


The trigger could be anything…

A snatch of music , a manner of speaking…

I love these unexpected glimpses into the past of far away

And I know that for tomorrow, i shall always have memories of today

NaPoWriMo 2013 #4 Choices

Life is all about the choices we make

Life turns out as per the paths we choose to take

‘What If’…I had chosen differently

How different would have my life been really

Thinking fondly about what might have been…

Is it a betrayal of what actually is?




NaPoWriMo 2013 # 3 Happiness and Sorrow..Bittersweet

As I gear up say my goodbyes

There are unshed tears in my eyes

I am leaving my home and city

But i am unsure whether i am sad or happy

Sad to leave behind familiar things for sure

But happy and geared up for the new adventure

Sad to leave behind my ‘extended’ family

But happy to live life independently

But isn’t this life’s trademark character?

Happiness and sorrow always together

The term commonly  used is ‘bitter-sweet’

And I often feel, the ‘bitter’ makes it all the more sweet.

This poem has been written days away from the time i make the very first major move in my life. After spending close to 35 years in one city, I am moving to another. There is fear, a sense of overwhelmingness and yet a sense of spirit and adventure….

NaPoWriMo 2013 #2: When did the Smiles Stop?

As I sit back and watch my children play

With their blocks and modelling clay

Laughing and smiling and having fun

I realize it has been ages since i had a day like this one.


When did the genuine smiles stop?

To be only replaced by a transient happiness while I shop

Perhaps today happiness doesn’t last

Because my responsibilities makes it fade fast


At home, at work it’s a constant race

No time to stand and smile, it’s a maddening pace

The smiles on my children’s face

Make me miss the memories of another lifetime and another place…


A place where time did not stand still, but was definitely slow

A place where my biggest problem was choosing the color of my bow

A place where my heart was not bowed down with woe

A place seen from where the future had a rosy glow


When did everything change so much?

Is the price we pay for growing up?

The smiles of childhood wiped by harsh reality

And the shoulders weighed down by responsibility.


I know my children will grow up one day

And as they watch their own children play

They may perhaps muse as I have done today.


For this is the cycle that life is

No guarantees of happiness and bliss.














NaPoWriMo, 2013 #1: Love By Chance or Design?

There is something about love

That puts this emotion above

Every other thing in life morning noon or night

And somehow that feels right.


Love is music, love is dance

Love is when you take a chance

To find eternal romance

Try hard and you will succeed

In finding all the love you  need.


But there are some who say

The more you chase love, the farther it moves away

Be calm and cool and you will surely meet

Prince Charming who will sweep you off your feet.


Alas, I find this not so true

It may have worked for Cinderella, but will not work for me and you

Cinderella had her fairy godmother

You and I have no such ‘magical’ match maker.


So dear girl to truly impress

You need to really dress

And you can create a shake-up

Only with the right make-up.


No doubt, beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes

But giving him something beautiful to behold is nice.